Brexit and the impact on Data Security and Privacy

The majority of the UK voted to leave the European Union last week. In addition to all political and economic impact that follows Brexit, there is a question about how Information Security and Data Privacy will be affected. Amid the chaos, there is good news in this field: most likely EU data protection will still apply. Read more about Brexit and the impact on Data Security and Privacy[…]

Cyber-insurance is getting more costly

High-profile hacking events this years is not only directly costing million of Euros to the affected companies, it is also affecting the rest of us. Reuters recently published an article stating that cyber-insurance premiums are on the rise to the point that some companies are struggling to find the money to buy appropriate coverage. Insurance companies are Read more about Cyber-insurance is getting more costly[…]

New cybersecurity page for small businesses

  The US government released a new page about cybersecurity for small businesses as part of October the CyberSecurity Awareness Month. This is in recognition that small businesses in the US are particularly at risk of cyber attacks. Although oriented to American businesses, this can be a useful tool for startups and SMB’s worldwide. This Read more about New cybersecurity page for small businesses[…]