An Apple backdoor is too dangerous to create

Tim Cook refusal to comply with the US Government demand to weaken its security has created such a turmoil on internet. During the investigation of the San Bernardino terror case, the FBI recovered iPhones from the murderers which are encrypted and its information inaccessible. Therefore now they’re asking to create a new version of iOS which[…]

Cyber-insurance is getting more costly

High-profile hacking events this years is not only directly costing million of Euros to the affected companies, it is also affecting the rest of us. Reuters recently published an article stating that cyber-insurance premiums are on the rise to the point that some companies are struggling to find the money to buy appropriate coverage. Insurance companies are[…]

An open, free Certificate Authority

Recently I received my invitation to test Let’s Encrypt, a project to create a free, open, automated Certificate Authority. Although the project itself might not have caught many headlines, this promises to be a game-changer for the industry. Firstly, they already passed the stage of a nice, cool idea and are moving into the real world, they received a cross-signature[…]